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A New Wealthy Style of Manual Trading.   The System That Informs.

It can't trade for you, but it will make YOU TRADE whenever you want.

Get Signals. Trade. At home. On the go.

Follow it using your Android or iPhone.



A master of information is the master of situation. It is about Forex too. If you know when to trade, what pair to select and how much to risk - you must be a billionaire by now. Unfortunately, you can hardly predict it all and calculate all possible variations of any given trading possibility. To be ultimately precise and accurate you need to follow all economic guidelines and practice hundreds of patterns and strategies. Experience also matters and it comes with practice. Some traders gain a special trading feeling or intuition after years of Forex hunting. Some traders use indicators and Expert Advisors. Any choice is acceptable, no one can become a master in a second. We offer our ultimate indicator BFS Hedonist that works like informer and adviser. Not only a signal you get but Stop Loss, Break Even and Take Profit recommendations. It makes BFS Hedonist an ideal tool for new-comers, as you will not forget about these essential levels.

BFS Hedonist Trade System. CORE ALGORITHM. 11 indicators all-in-one

Hedonist is a manual system that analyses price quotes of latest 2 days. It takes final price patterns and filters them through 11 core-indicators of algorithm. 7 indicators are based on MetaTrader4 popular strategies, while other 4 indicators have been exclusively developed by our team.

Each of 11 filtering indicators has its unique specific target, and all of them can be divided into main categories: collecting data, calculating data, trend prediction, filtration and final recommendations. Such a powerful combination promises great and stable results.


Analysis of market

Specifics of selected pair

Trend detection

Search of entry point

Filtration of false signals

Generating final recommendations


WEALTHY SIGNALS of BFS Hedonist Informer. Get and Follow.

When a system goes through all the stages of algorithm, you get:

A final arrow at a chart. Its color and size are customizable in Inputs
An alert with a pair definition and Buy/Sell direction (can be turned on/off in Inputs)
A Sound alert (can be disabled in Inputs)
Email notification. Setup emails to your mobile device and place orders on the go!
Recommended Stop Loss, Take Profit and BreakEven visual box-indicators at a chart:

(Recommended values of TP, BreakEven and SL are marked and highlighted in a color frame. Default colors are Red for Stop Loss, Blue for first TakeProfit or BreakEven point and Green for Maximum Take Profit. If you have TrailingWizard you drag and drop wizard levels at a chart to their levels. If you modify orders manually, enter those levels in digits while editing an order)

BFS Hedonist detects trend and best entry point when all filtrating stages are passed. It also efficiently informs you about the trading moment. A signal of Blue/Red arrow appears at a chart along with a push notification and sound alert. Thanks to H1 timeframe signals of indicators are valid for a rather long time, so even if you missed it, evaluate the chart, maybe you can still place your order! Half an hour or one hour later is usually not so dramatically late for the action. Still, you need to check price and see how far it has come from the initial alert point.

In addition, BFS Hedonist has an exclusive algorithm and it is not a Buy-Sell-Buy-Sell type of system. It may give Buy after Buy.. multiple signals in the same direction. 4-of-a-kind multiple signal shows a steady recent trend. So, if you missed one signal, check maybe the following one would just confirm the previous.

Taking 20 or 50 pips. One-Step or Professional trading

BFS Hedonist system produces a signal arrow and draws recommended levels to use while trading. It offers 2 levels of TakeProfit: blue and green. Green is a MAX level of 50 pips. Blue is a level of 20 pips that is also recommended as a BreakEven point. Trading with blue TakeProfit shows better accuracy and wins reach up to 90%. It is based on rather low profit target. While Green Take Profit offers more risky strategy with less accuracy, but more profit.

Simple Blue Style: ONE-STEP safe trading

You may trade following safe Take Profit of 20 pips. This safe strategy is simple. You place an order using Blue level as Take Profit and Red as Stop Loss. It requires less attention in comparison with the other trading strategy. Blue levels are often reached and total profit grows based on multiple small wins.


Professional Green Style: including BreakEven and Trailing

If your target is a max TakeProfit, you will use both levels, breakeven and trailing. Green levels are not always reached, so there is a certain risk. But if you win, you get 50 pips instead of safe 20.  Place your order and set TP as recommended in GreenBox (max value), Stop Loss as shown in RedBox. Once price reaches Blue Breakeven point, move SL manually to the opening level. You may also start trailing profit since breakeven. These are just examples of how you may use it. You may create your own trading strategy based on BFS Hedonist.





Refund and license options

How to use BFS Hedonist successfully

What is an Informer, how to use any indicator or manual system and why MetaTrader4. These are proper questions for any trader. BFS Hedonist is a manual indicator with informing functions. It may be used only within MetaTrader4 trading terminal. It is a secured ex.4 file. There is no other application to open it but MetaTrader4 (MT4). If you need to trade from your mobile device, you still need to install it at home PC. Once you install it there, setup email notifications and trade following them from your mobile terminal.

If you get a signal, place an instant order in MetaTrader4 following a trend direction. If you prefer using advantages of mobile trading, please prepare your home PC for stable running. Install BFS Hedonist system there, activate it and setup email notifications. Check that you have fast internet connection at your mobile device (a tablet or smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Android device) and mobile application of MT4 installed. You may login to your trading account using a mobile app or use some remote control app to place an order from your home PC. Try both variants at a demo account and check what is more convenient to you. After order is placed, do not forget to set TakeProfit and StopLoss as indicated by BFS Hedonist recommendations. You may surely modify them; they are just a reminder, not a direct obligation to follow.



Get signals. Trade. At home. On the go.

Mobile technologies allow you to trade whenever you have internet access. Here is the process of trading on the go with BFS Hedonist. Install it at your laptop or PC that you may leave running 24/5, activate the copy. Check and setup email alerts. Now, install email app and mobile MetaTrader4 on your phone or tablet. BFS Hedonist will be running at home and send signals to your mobile device connected to Internet. Got its signal? Open your mobile MetaTrader4 application and place your order! Make sure you also set Stop Loss and Take Profit. If you are using remote access to the trading terminal at home, you may also try using our Trailing Wizard for auto SL/TP and trailing options. Combo package costs less! Claim your discount! Get them both for just $119!

Automation of process with Trailing Wizard: smart upgrade of your trading routine

Manual trading is usually better preferred by professional traders. It is like manual or automatic gearbox in cars. Automatic is comfortable... but professional racers use only manual transmission. To make instant manual trading fast, comfortable and less time consuming we recommend adding BFS Trailing Wizard. Combo package with BFS Hedonist and BFS Trailing Wizard saves you up to 50% off the retail price!

BFS Trailing Wizard is a smart wizard for auto setup of Stop Loss, Take Profit and different modes of trailing. It also has anti-spike protection and handy visual lines of TP/SL that can be modified by dragging them up or down. You can’t use it at a mobile terminal, so it is recommended for desktop trading only. You need just to open a trade and Trailing Wizard will instantly setup SL and TP and draw their adjustable visual lines. Then you drag this line to the recommended level and that’s all. Fast, convenient and accurate. You open trades - BFS Trailing Wizard secures it.

Old school VS Innovations. Who wins? Manual editing or auto...

We asked one of our team, who trades sometimes, but is not a guru, to place an order and modify it to the recommended levels. She did it twice: with and without BFS Trailing Wizard. Results are recorded below: see how Trailing Wizard instantly sets Stop Loss and Take Profit.

If you need a better quality or prefer video - watch it below from YouTube.




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Technical and  System requirements
    BFS Hedonist is a system for manual trading
  Can be applied to H1 timeframe of major pairs
  Requires activation for generating signals online
  Safe and secured Ex4 file for MetaTrader4
  Sends signals that can be used at mobile terminals
  Compliant with modern regulations of most brokers
  Personal license: 1 PC (personal computer or laptop)
  Requires Internet connection and open MT4

License activation after download

BFS Hedonist file format is ex.4 file. You need to install it using MetaTrader4 menu (very simple!) and get your personal trading license from our team. License is registered to your computer with a unique personal code. If you need to trade from both a computer and a laptop, you may install it at one of them and forward emails to the laptop. Please also note that it is only for your personal usage, you are not allowed to broadcast its signals to other traders to follow. Or get a multi-license with a discount and use it up to 3 different computers.



You need just 2 things to try it today. Your computer or laptop with Windows OS and stable internet connection. Ready to start? Ok, first thing is to select a broker. We do not give any specific recommendations, but there are certainly some important criteria to include into your search.


You may type Forex broker and search among the top offered companies. If you never traded before and Forex is a new experience, any broker will be fine. Just make sure that you do not enter private information (credit card details, etc) and may download a free trading terminal – we recommend MetaTrader4. You will need a demo account. It is not real trading, but it simulates it pretty accurate. We will get back to MetaTrader4 terminal later. So far, back to our topic of how to select a good broker for you.


Dealing Desks or Market Makers
These are Forex brokers that operate through Dealing Desk. They literally create a market for their clients, depending on different conditions, that’s why they are often called market makers. Market makers provide both a sell and buy quote, which means that they are filling both buy and sell orders. Such brokers make money through spreads and providing liquidity.

Since market makers control the prices they may offer FIXED SPREADS to clients. They are not really afraid of risks as they make this market. And though, fixed spread is a great thing, clients of dealing desk brokers do not see the real interbank market rates. The good thing is, that if you select a broker that is certified and regulated, (like by National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in United States, or Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia, etc), you are less likely to experience poor trading conditions and rates are more likely to be very close to those of interbank.


No Dealing Desk brokers can be ECN, STP (Straight Through Processing) or STP+ECN (Electronic Communication Network). No Dealing Desk brokers do NOT pass your orders through a Dealing Desk. They will not interfere into your trading as they simply link two parties together: you and market. Usually these brokers charge a commission or have some variable spread that may be increased at favorable moments.

True ECN brokers allow you to interact with the orders of other participants through electronic communication network. You trade against each other by offering their best bid and ask prices, and those participants can be banks, retail traders or even other brokers. It is a real trading world with all risks. Because of the nature ECN, it is very difficult to make money by manipulating with your orders or by adding some extras to spread, so they usually earn by having their COMMISSION.


Which type of broker to select? ANY.
Yes, they are different and offer different approaches to trading, but there is no wrong choice, unless that’s a cheaty broker. It’s up to whether you’d have small spreads but pay a commission per trade or have wider spreads and no commissions. Usually, day traders and scalpers prefer the tighter spreads because it is easier to take small profits. Meanwhile, wider spreads tend to be insignificant to longer term swing or position traders.

Some brokers seem to be ECN brokers, but in reality, they use a Straight Through Processing system. Such brokers usually have many liquidity providers with different bid/ask, so they forward your orders to their providers and that’s those providers who truly have access to the market. It is also the reason of variable spreads with such brokers. They depend on 3rd party spread and if the spreads of providers widen, they also need to widen it. Though, sometimes such brokers may offer fixed spreads (the majority still do the variable), it is not a strict rule.

And while you need just a demo to learn basic of trading, any broker is good as long as you do not deposit your money. When you get ready to move to live trading you will do a serious research that will include:
If a broker accept residents of your country and do they have local representatives? Is a broker regulated and certified? Do they allow automated trading and what are their spreads, commissions and withdrawal conditions?

Plus, you will need to learn what a leverage is, what leverage to choose for micro account trading and so on. By that time you will be able to cover all these question by yourself. For now, just take one of popular brokers who support MetaTrader4 desktop terminal.



It is simple. When you selected a broker, search for a free MT4 trading terminal (desktop version) at their website. Download it. MT4 application will be installed automatically and create its shortcut at your desktop after launching. Open a new demo account and start learning! You can easily find lots of extra tools for this terminal, guides and even join forums to discuss your experience or get help with your trading. Plus, our BFS Hedonist is a great tool to learn manual trading as it helps with Stop Loss, Take Profit and BreakEven levels.




Friendly personal support

Yes, we are always ready to assist you by email, just contact us at:


Each of your messages will be answered as soon as possible. We all were novices at one time and do understand how important is to get a friendly and qualified support when going through a hard time.

Back up of your copy

Note, it is a digital product. You don't need to order a CD backup, as we provide a lifetime backup of your product (just as long as it exists). Contact us by email with Order details when you need it. You will be forwarded to the DOWNLOAD page after the payment. If not, just let us know and we will send it!

Refund period guarantee

Our refund policy depends on your purchase terms. Extra licenses and discounted licenses are not refundable. Regular package covers 30 days refund. If you are not satisfied within a refund period, please describe your good reason and we will return money back, but your copy of a product will become unusable.




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