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There is no similar robot on the market!

"...All and any innovative methods become absolutely useless if you can’t define a trend'"

Trident Robot is the first Forex robot based on Marketshift analysis (MSA).

It covers almost 10 years of market activity. 
Core  algorithm of Trident Robot works like a trend - detector based on MSA. MSA research findings (trend patterns, factors and market algorithms) are copyrighted. Best Forex Soft team has an exclusive right on these developments.





Automated trading. One-time setup.
EUR/USD Theory based on 10 years market study.
Marketshifts analysis with extra 62% of accuracy.
Flat-And-Trend Adaptable algorithm ( F-A-T)
Triple Stealth Profit target and Floating Break-Even
Smart Pending orders Management
Fixed time of trading (GMT time used)
Guaranteed refund period

And today we are happy to offer you a special PREMIUM VERSION !







  Zipped archive with ex.4 file and manual   Instant download with ex.4 file and manual  
  Demo accounts are restricted by one PC   No restrictions on demo accounts  
  One live account and one PC restriction   2 live accounts are allowed  
  Guaranteed 30 days refund period   Guaranteed 45 days refund period  
  Instant link after purchasing with expiration   Lifetime back up of your download  
  No automatic notifications   Automatic notes about updates  

Example on its main features:


Only first 50 copies are discounted. Hurry up!


Digital software. One-time payment.

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Instant download after purchasing.



    Trader requirements        

Personal computer/laptop
Windows OS desktop
Dedicated internet line;
Ability to leave PC running at 12.00 - 20.00 GMT*
(new trading time since 3.0 version)

    System requirements        
  MetaTrader4 for Windows OS desktop
All brokers are acceptable
Demo or live account;
Stable connection
    Trident Robot requirements        
  EUR/USD pair, M5 timeframe,
ENABLED auto trading in MT4 settings
Stable Internet connection
One live account restriction (key system)*
Premium version includes 2 licenses

Concept of Trident Robot

by Peter Parker Jr., BFS, CEO


... maybe it'll be YOU who'll inspire me next?


  It was my wife, Juliet, who inspired me to work out Market Shifts theory. When I was reading her dissertation about family relationships, interesting ideas about typical cycles and critical points leaped into my mind.
Here are the main points of her work: each family goes through basic aspects of life like wedding, birth of a child, new home, new job… or losses, periods of necessity and other misfortunes. These are critical points of family life and we can easily see how
each marker affects family relationships.
And, these markers are typical for all families.

Here we go, back to Forex.

There are 9 critical points during a day when micro motions of quotes are extremely important. Careful examination of these micro moves has dramatically increased the ability to predict middle-short trends - up to 62%.
I am sure you will agree that all and any innovative methods become absolutely useless if you can’t define a trend.


    My BFS team continued to work with my Market Shifts theory and it gave birth to the algorithm of Trident Robot. It is based on Marketshifts analysis which is responsible for estimating a trend probability.
Trident Robot has been greatly improved since beta-testing as we implemented unique technologies such as
Floating Break-even and DRC.
That’s how we cut our Trident diamond.

Marketshifts theory was first voiced 2 years ago, and work on it has never been seized since that moment. It is a long and interesting path leading us to the market in-depth understanding and thus to developing new forex tools.

And finally, I d’ like to devote our success to my wife, Juliet. I appreciate her brilliant ideas that inspire me.



P.S. I love getting feedback from traders. Your ideas and valuable remarks make me move forward.
Well, who knows... maybe it'll be YOU who'll inspire me next?



  Advanced trading progress with Dynamic Range Cutting
 (DRC technology)
  There are different intraday trading tactics and breakout strategies are most popular among them. Breakout levels may be based on High and Low of previous days, Pivot points. Some of such intraday strategies sound good, but almost all of them are not sufficient during flat.

Responding to the needs of traders, we have worked out Dynamic Range Cutting technology. It reacts to all market activity and identifies a useful range of volatility for making profits.



  BFS Trident Robot sets three pending orders with different profit targets. Why it is so great, let us explain. Imagine you have 3 orders with 10, 20 and 30 pips as profit targets. Price goes by trend and first order is closed with 10 pips.

Now, even if a trend reverses, you are already safe with 10 pips! But if trend is getting stronger, two other trades will be closed with extra profit of 50 pips. 
  Now, trend is not stable and losses happen. Bearing it in mind, we have developed and implemented Floating Break-even system with multiple points of Stop Loss.

Break-even is the point of balance between making either a profit or a loss
We upgraded this idea! Now break-even technique helps to BACK UP YOUR ORDER and TO MAKE EXTRA profit by moving Stop Loss further.



  Floating Break-even system defines best points for fixing a trade and decides when a Stop Loss needs to be moved. Though, it must be mentioned here, all techniques and approaches are useless if a system can’t define trend.

That’s why our Floating Break-even approach has become real only in conjunction with
Market Shifts analysis. And that is the KEY INNOVATION of our work.

F-A-T PROFIT algorithm and Market Shifts SECRET

  You know how important is to have a robot that would not lose all gains at sideways market. F-A-T profit algorithm is Flat-And-Trend Adaptable. It is great with trends and safe with sideways market. Moreover, it stays calm while economic and political news. Yes, it is always on the watch for a great opportunity to kick in and out.
A trading expert inside checks and analyses volatility, volumes, short-term trends, local forex sessions starts/ends and other factors like...
market shifts


  Market SHIFTS control is a NEW and patented feature of BFS TRIDENT Robot. We have analyzed market activity since 2005. Based on this research we have found out that each trading day has 9 market shifts (time-periods) when price activity may be predicted.
The main secret of MarketShifts is that forex market has its own rules and “laws of nature” and knowing WHEN and HOW these shifts happen helps to predict middle-term trends
UP to 62%

Market SHIFT is an exclusive feature of TRIDENT Robot

In other words, there are certain periods EACH day when price activity may be predictable based on common Forex cycles. And we used it for developing BFS Trident Robot.




Dana Grobowski – Testing Group Leader

We may use backtests once in a while for getting an idea of any given free stuff. But a serious product needs a real forward test. That’s why we beta-test and forward-test each our creation. First stage of beta-testing may last from a few months to several years and its main task is to run the software through as many different market periods as possible. It helps us to define strong and weak points, develop and implement new features, revise its overall efficiency. After beta-testing we move to forward-testing...





MetaTrader4 account.
Lot Size 1.0, no reinvestment.
Laptop with internet.

That's all... We just once installed it and left running for 6 months.



Results and feedback from testers.


Dana Grobowski – Testing Group Leader


  Feedback is also extremely important to us along with results. That’s why we ask other traders to use our product and share their experience. We invited 5 traders to join our Trident project; 2 of them are our old friends and they stand for experienced traders while other 3 traders were selected randomly (and 2 of them that came from one forex-community turned out to be complete newbies).  

It was a unique experiment for us, full of interesting moments. And it helped us to step back and look at the robot as a whole, to look at it as we never seen it before. This has made it possible to improve its usability a lot. In addition, the final version of BFS Trident Robot has been further refined thanks to some valuable notes from experts.



We are excited about our results! And we loved the process of double testing, I am sure it will be used again while other products development. And here I must be off, let our testers speak.



    TRADER #1

Lisa Bricksworth,
Forex expert and professional trader;
Feb, 24, 2015

Peter is one of my best business partners and a long-time friend. I had known him long ago before he established BFS group. Everything that he does is of the highest quality.

One day he shared his ideas about MarketShifts analysis and showed me a robot based on that principle. I offered to test it using my live account. To make it a fair play, on the 1st of September we opened a new account and deposited $1000 at halves, I gave my $500, Peter added his $500.

At the moment I am still running it and Trident Robot has pleased me with 4.0 profit factor. It was three times already when I reinvested and increased the lot.
Total profit by now is $2432
and I am sure that any professional trader would LOVE to try such a robot.
     Moreover, I have been carefully watching its algorithm, it is ideally balanced! First 2 months I had some doubts and everyday checked if there were any orders. Now, I am pretty safe and check my MT terminal just once in a while to reinvest.
    I am definitely recommending BFS Trident Robot to all traders who are interested in a stable robot based on innovative algorithm.




Matt Goldfinger,
Experienced trader and expert;
Jan, 8, 2015

Who would have thought it? New ideas at Forex?
Fancy that! I am very skeptical about all that new “techniques and ground-breaking systems”. Usually all those innovative and WOW products turn out to be standard Metatrader indicators done up in a pretty style.

So when I heard "Marketshifts analysis" + "Dynamic Range Cutting" + "Floating Break-even", I said – no matter how they call it, just show me trades!

             Before installing the robot, I made my own research on how exactly it works and, well, now I got why they called it innovative. These features are carefully thought-out and they show impressive results working together. Moreover, they claim that its algorithm is secured from heavy losses. Let’s check!
             My task was to make a stress-test, when Lot Size is extremely disproportional to a deposit. So I installed Trident at my $8000 risky account with 3.0 Lot Size. Personally, I would stop with max 0.8 Lot for such a deposit. But, dear traders, please never trade like this. TRADING MUST BE SAFE. I am lucky to have my profit, but who knows...

Well, about the profit. Twenty one thousand and 3 hundred bucks in just 4 months!

Yes, here is the summary:
Testing period: Sept, 1, 2014 – Jan, 1, 2015
Deposit: $8000
Lot: 3.0

Result in 4 months: $21309 of profit.

I am sure that Trident Robot will work for you, just use a recommended Lot. Not like me!

    TRADER #3

Gunter Warsteiner,
novice trader;
Jan, 16, 2015

When last year in August I decided to check out what Forex was like I was absolutely "green". My first steps there were so chaotic. I registered a demo-account and tried to trade in a happy-go-lucky sort of way. It didn't take long to realize that you wouldn't get a thing from Forex if you didn't have certain knowledge of how it all worked or if you were not the lucky one. The only way out was to check forums searching for smart ideas.

   After reading tons of certain instructions and guides, I began to realize the basics of Forex. At that time guys from BFS, who are my friends now, got in touch with me and offered to test an expert advisor. They gave me a direct access to the account with $400 and I was shocked.
After reading so many scam topics, I couldn’t believe that ANY team may be so confident about their product. I guess it means that they had no doubts that it would work out in the right way. Besides, they also advised me what books and how-to-do-it-right manuals to read.

   So far it's been almost 6 months of testing the robot, learning more and more information on how to do it right, communicating more with my friends, and now I can proudly say that those days when I called myself a "green trader" are gone. Believe me or not but yesterday I was told that I can withdraw “my own profit”. And as my account is getting closer to $1100, I am very happy!

Extra $700 for taking no risks is just awesome!!!


TRADER #4            

Hazam Mansur,
Forex trader since May, 2013;
Dec, 20, 2014

I was invited by my brother who works with BFS team.

On the 31th of October I installed Trident Robot at my micro account ($100 deposit). Same day it placed first orders that were deleted later by the system. It made me nervous (shall I consider it a Halloween trick?) but only until I read the manual. Oh, I hate those manuals but in this case please spend a minute!

Next orders appeared on the 4th of November and within that week it made 255 pips. It wasn’t a huge sum of money, honestly, as I used the lowest Lot Size.
I hare risking my own money, even if the product is recommended by my brother ;) But when I got $51 in a week I felt a strong desire to have more and the greed overruled my caution.

At the moment my profit is already $171 as I took risks and increased lot size. So, considering my rather conservative settings and micro deposit I found this robot great. In just two months it almost tripled my deposit. I am going to install a final version at my standard account when they release it in March.

    TRADER #5  

    Note from BFS team:
We had one more player in a testing team – a new-comer invited from a popular Forex forum. He was offered $400 deposit as well. But he thought that M5 timeframe is for scalping and lost out deposit in just few hours with his manual trades… Our robot had no chance even to try when that guy got a margin call...
Thank you, Roy! It is a learning experience for us, no more testers-outsiders.






PREMIUM version is on most favorable terms!






REGULAR, $199 per piece


  Zipped archive with ex.4 file and manual   Instant download with ex.4 file and manual  
  One live account and one PC restriction   3 live accounts and 1 PC license  
  Guaranteed 30 days refund period   Guaranteed 45 days refund period  
  Instant link after purchasing with expiration   Lifetime back up of your download at our server  
  No automatic notifications   Automatic incoming alert about updates  

5 reasons to get Trident Robot:

Digital software. One-time payment.



Instant download after purchasing.


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It is a new amazing experience with PREMIUM features
"... increases total profit up to 14 times"

  It is an expert for trading with great logics based on scientific research.
Fully automated robot. EVERYONE MAY USE IT. Even if you are just about to start Forex.
It is a patented fully-automated system with F-A-T PROFIT algorithm: Flat-And-Trend Adaptable. BFS Trident Robot is great with trends and safe with sideways market.

  It is a new amazing experience with PREMIUM features such as Floating Break-even and Multiple Stop Loss.  
    It is a new TRIDENT approach with Triple Stealth Target that deals with NEWS panic and Market fluctuations automatically. Forex Trident Robot by BFS stays calm while economic and political news. Unique strategy increases total profit up to 14 times at its best!  



Such BFS Trident strategy increases total profit up to 14 times at its best, while the loss is stopped out at just 3 times increase at worst!

  Trident Robot sets 3 orders simultaneously at 12.00 – 20.00 GMT time.  It may skip a day or two when market is not suitable for trading. Pending STOP/LIMIT orders are not instant. They are waiting for specific terms to open. When price reaches the set values of pending orders, they are triggered. We decided to turn away from regular Take Profits and developed our own unique profit approach.  


  It is not a usual fixed Take Profit level, but a Stealth Floating Profit target that may be moved by the robot to increase the total profitability of the system. Profit targets of BFS Trident Robot vary from 50 to 140 pips. Usually, first order reaches its target and is automatically closed. Other two orders most often are closed by floating Stop Loss in profit. It sounds really good to have your gains protected, doesn't it?  
  We often hear from traders about cheating brokers. Well, we can't do anything about it EXCEPT implementing a stealth method of keeping your profit safe. Stealth Take Profit is hidden from your broker! This way, you are protected from their greedy tricks.  




... Amazing SAFETY management!
Floating Stop Loss is exactly what you need!


  BFS Trident Robot is made for saving as much pips as just possible. We have developed unique floating break-even system with multiple safety break-even points. Trident robot uses initial variable Stop Losses (about 10-15 pips) and then it moves their levels to special break-even points.  
How it works – when a first break-even level is reached, Stop Losses of all 3 orders are moved (+4 pips) to cover spread expenses. When price hits a profit target of the first order, Stop Losses of other 2 orders are moved to the new level to save the gained profit to the full. In a sad case when profit is not reached, Safety Stop Losses close orders preventing them from huge losses.






  Correct setup of the robot is essential for its proper trading. Trident Robot starts its work at 12.00 (a.m.) GMT. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to make sure that you selected proper GMT offset in its settings.
GMT offset is a time difference between market time of your broker and GMT.

Your time, market time and GMT time - they all may be different! How to learn what is your time of trading? Two simple steps!

1. Open Market watch in MetaTrader4
Market Watch time is a system time of your broker.

2. Now, check what is GMT time now.
Calculate time difference. Take your market time - minus - GMT = that's your GMT offset! More details in the provided manual.  So, now when it is 12 GMT, Trident may start trading and MetaTrader4 must be ready for it.


Greenwich Mean Time:

Note, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) refers to the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which became adopted as a global time standard.







Any questions left? Read information below


If you never traded before…


 If you have just come at Forex, you are most likely to be among the next 2 categories of novices:

1. No time to learn strategies, to understand principles of indicators and market factors. Usually you prefer using ONLY robots and wish to make lots of money within a short period of time. FAST. EASY. With no time and “brain” expenses.
2. You are afraid of robots as have NO idea how they work and are really scared to lose your deposit (even a demo one)


Is it you?


  Well, good news! Even if you are in both categories, you have a chance to like our robot. On the one hand, you may install BFS Trident Robot and start increasing your capital without getting into specifics of trading. On the other hand, its strategy is given here in details (and in a manual) and it is quite clear and comprehensible. What is more, its forward testing is enough to demonstrate a stable work of the algorithm. So, there are actually no reasons to worry while so many reasons to try it!  

Still, if you have any questions left, our support team will be glad to help you. Each of your messages will be answered as soon as possible. We all were novices at one time and do understand how important is to get a friendly and qualified support when going through a hard time.

We are glad to hear from you at





Setup / Orders Management

  Trident Robot from BFS is a special ex.4 file format that will be NOT opened by any Windows application, but should be used inside MetaTrader4 (MT4) only. It is a plug-in to be used with MT4 only.  

Trident Robot must be installed as Expert. For proper trading Auto trading must be enabled, internet must be stable and time of Start in Inputs must be set correctly! It is only for EUR/USD, M5 timeframe.

  MT4 needs to be open and active from 12.00 GMT to 20.00 (6 p.m.) GMT for its proper trading. You may close it on weekends.      

    Trident places pending orders after 12.00 GMT. It may skip a day or two. Trading is not daily. Pending orders MAY be deleted by the system automatically if they are not triggered. It is allowed to delete them manually if you need.  
  Due to stealth profit method it is not recommended to modify orders!  0.000 in Take Profit is not an error – profit target is hidden. If you worry that it may be an error, open Expert and Journal tabs and check logs.  


    It is allowed to use Trident Robot on ONE LIVE ACCOUNT only. Premium version has 2 live accounts restriction. To install it at live account please request a personal KEY. When you change live account, inform us please and we will generate a new key for the new account.  
  Each copy may expire. It may happen due to anti-piracy protection. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Usually it happens just once. If your copy has expired please contact us with Order ID.      
      Back up. You may request a copy of product by email in case you lose it. Use your order details for this (name product, date of purchase, order ID).

Product Download/ Support / Refund / Services

  Is it a one-time payment? How will I get the product?   One time payment. Instant download link at your email after the payment provided by our payment processor - ClickBank.

If you have problems with download, make sure you completed the order and have your Order Number. Contact us and we will send you the product
  How to use your services that you offer?   Just make sure you keep your Order reference and at any time you may contact us and request a copy back-up, support consultation and register your copy for live account.  
  How can I contact you? Do you have a support team online?   Please contact us at email  
  Do you have a refund policy? If I don't like the product?   Yes, we provide 45 days refund guarantee. Please keep order details. If you liked the product and if it paid back its price, please do not request the refund, we will appreciate your honesty!  

Please understand that any robot is good for a limited specific time. We worked hard to make this robot long lasting and our trading with it has been stable so far. It works good with actual market but situation may change at any time due to economic or politic reasons that are beyond our control. So please trade safely – use low Lot Size and stop when it makes enough profit. Do not trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Set yourself a profit target and when you reach it, just stop. Greed leads to Margin call and broken families.




 Please acknowledge that in case you get an illegal copy:

1.    We will not  support your copy

2.    We will not provide you with the KEY that is needed for usage

3.    We will not update it when the version expires


Free or illegal commercial offers /free sharing/ posting/ and any other ways of distribution on any other resources is prohibited. It should be purchased only from this original website or via trusted affiliates that redirect to this page. 


It's time to decide!
The offer is risk-free as a full refund period is guaranteed.

Digital software. One-time payment.



Instant download after purchasing.


Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM



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