BFS Falcon Robot is a new Expert Advisor for auto trading that follows natural laws of Forex

Science of technical and fundamental approaches and Psychology of traders have been combined and balanced to create a new trading system: the strategy, the concept, the main algorithm. The robot that has been developed, tested and individually re-designed to follow patterns of specific pair to become a multi-pair Expert Advisor for fully automated trading.


BFS Falcon Robot is a new Expert Advisor that trades automatically. It follows the integrated algorithm that we developed in association with our leading programmers from USA and Australia. Get it for your run today!



BFS Falcon is a Forex Expert Advisor with wide horizon of trading possibilities. Due to its multiplied and enforced algorithm we created a set of predefined pairs. Since those pairs are active at different time, it may trade round the clock. Though, its strategy does not include guaranteed daily trading as it needs special conditions to be met, including touching strong technical levels of market, that is not a daily thing.

Main predefined pairs have been individually analyzed by our trading experts: we used special backward and forward testing programs to simulate ranging and flat market, checked demo and live performances with different types of brokers. Moreover, we had the chance to cooperate with highly professional traders who consult top leading financial services and websites. We took this chance and got independent professional opinions to compare with our technical summary. Finally, we formed a shape of BFS Falcon Robot, but we can’t call it a final version. We never stop optimizing and searching for better solutions. We try really hard, finding the very one profitable tool that will substitute all other products.

BFS Falcon algorithm is based on optimal combination of scientific (80%) and psychological (20%) approaches. Price channel indicators, round levels breakouts markers, trend and volatility indicators are included.


Scientific background of algorithm includes patterns of those pairs with high daily average ranges that we selected for auto-trading.

This science-based approach analyzes typical price channels and breakouts, defining strong technical levels. This part uses only classic, Forex-verified scientific indicators.


Intuitive Approach includes extra filtration of signals based on psychological trading principles. Traders tend to emphasize round off levels giving them extra importance. Even though, this mental force of rounded levels may work perfectly fine only at those specific pairs that show High Average Daily ranges, it is still not strong enough to build the whole strategy based on it.

Our Team has been inspired by psychological aspect of trading while developing BFS Falcon Robot. One of main ideas about intuitive trading considers rounded off levels or so called strong psychological levels, when traders just emotionally get excited or terrified by the reached price level. Somehow we see a big number and believe in its significance, and it is the way how traders may have a global mental power to change a trend.

But the truth is that majority of trading volume is not made by individual traders, but by big financial companies. And, honestly, they do not have any psychology, but pure economic targets.

Still, the theory of rounded levels and strong support/resistance value has some reasonable points to be used. We took the best of this theory, squeezed it into the essence of human trading behavior and worked it out, by adding classic long verified indicators and modern safety features. So now you may enjoy a truly innovative EA based on both science and psychology as we added a touch of intuitive trading to BFS Falcon Robot.

Thus, we focus on combining totally different approaches to price analysis, including technical, fundamental and some psychological techniques. It allows having such a unique robot as
BFS Falcon Robot at your service.

stead of $199. ENDS IN:

BFS Falcon checks strong technical levels, compares them with popular psychological pints and decides if price is going to touch or break this level. Based on that it places an order with fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit. BFS Falcon is equipped with auto Money Management that you may use for auto Lot Size calculation based on your equity.


When its order is running, BFS Falcon tries to set a grip on it and, as soon as possible, it moves Stop Loss to breakeven. BreakEven secures an order in case price reverses before it reaches Take Profit. This way you will have a tiny profit instead of a loss.
Sometimes orders are closed by Take Profit before breakeven kicks in. All that decisions and calculations are made by the robot automatically.

BreakEven is calculated exclusively per each of predefined pairs. As soon as first profit is reached, BFS Falcon Robot moves Stop Loss to this point. It happens automatically. Check the example of how it works.

Thus, the order is closed either by moved Stop Loss (in profit) or by fixed Take Profit. Though, losses also happen as it goes in Forex. You may see it in the latest trading statement: there are profits and losses within recent 12 weeks of trading. But the overall result is positive and it made almost a triple growth of the initial deposit. We set it with default settings and auto Money Management.


It is our private live account that will be soon linked to 3rd party verifying services like Myfxbook.

BFS Falcon Robot traded itself. We have not interfered but provided stable internet and left a trading terminal active at all times. There are profits and losses, but the overall result is positive and it made almost a triple growth of the initial deposit.

You may trade with micro lots also, this way you will have less profit with less risk. We recommend using auto Money Management for usual trading or using FIXED lot size for safe trading. This way you may limit the risks by settings smaller Lot Size. Our result is not a guarantee of making your deposit triple every other 3 months, but it may absolutely bring similar profit within the similar market conditions. Broker accuracy and execution would also matter. So we hope you will meet best conditions and have your own great results!

BFS Falcon is ex.4 file. It is very simple to move from ex.4 file to instant trading via MetaTrader4. You need to install it via MetaTrader4 and get your personal trading license from our team. License is tied to ONE computer and it covers 3 live accounts and up to 10 demo accounts simultaneously. If you need to trade from both a computer and a laptop, you would need 2 licenses – though, the second one is always discounted with up to 50% off. Please also note that it is only for your personal usage, you are not allowed to broadcast its signals to other traders to follow.

Once BFS Falcon is activated, setup the robot to the predefined pairs, M15 timeframe and leave trading terminal working with a stable internet connection. BFS Falcon Robot brings stable income provided market is rather stable and your broker has reliable and accurate orders execution.

  Super Grip Algorithm for multiple pairs, M15
  80/20 Science/Psychology Strategy Inside
  Technical core-indicators with Intuitive filters
  Optimized SL and TP.  Intelligent BreakEven



Refund Period


     Fully Automated Forex Expert Advisor with One-Time Setup
   Safe Ex4 file for MetaTrader4, PC version
   Tested. Compliant with modern regulations of most brokers
   Personal license:
   1 PC with up to 3 live accounts, multiple demo accounts
   Requirements: PC, MetaTrader4 terminal, Internet connection


What is a Forex Expert Advisor, how to use a robot and why MetaTrader4. These are proper questions for any trader. BFS Falcon Robot is an Expert Advisor to be used within MetaTrader4 trading terminal. It is a secured ex.4 file. There is no other application to open it but MetaTrader4 (MT4).

MetaTrader4 trading terminal is a top choice for most traders. It has been proved to be stable, user-friendly and secured. Some brokers offer different terminals, but we do recommend MT4 since it has been a global Forex standard.

After you install BFS Falcon Robot, MT4 reads it and applies the strategy automatically. You will have all instructions on its setup in a provided User's Guide, so it will be no problem. After the installation you will have 6 active pair. Though, you need to make sure that your broker allows automated trading with robots, that you enabled auto trading in MT4 settings and that your computer is active (not hibernated) and with stable internet connection.



You need just 2 things to try it today. Your computer or laptop with Windows OS and stable internet connection. Ready to start? Ok, first thing is to select a broker. We do not give any specific recommendations, but there are certainly some important criteria to include into your search.

You may type Forex broker and search among the top offered companies. If you never traded before and Forex is a new experience, any broker will be fine. Just make sure that you do not enter private information (credit card details, etc) and may download a free trading terminal – we recommend MetaTrader4. You will need a demo account. It is not real trading, but it simulates it pretty accurate. We will get back to MetaTrader4 terminal later. So far, back to our topic of how to select a good broker for you.

There are two main types of brokers: dealing desks and no dealing desks.

Dealing Desks or Market Makers
These are Forex brokers that operate through Dealing Desk. They literally create a market for their clients, depending on different conditions, that’s why they are often called market makers. Market makers provide both a sell and buy quote, which means that they are filling both buy and sell orders. Such brokers make money through spreads and providing liquidity. Since market makers control the prices they may offer FIXED SPREADS to clients. They are not really afraid of risks as they make this market. And though, fixed spread is a great thing, clients of dealing desk brokers do not see the real interbank market rates. The good thing is, that if you select a broker that is certified and regulated, (like by National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in United States, or Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia, etc), you are less likely to experience poor trading conditions and rates are more likely to be very close to those of interbank.

No Dealing Desk brokers can be ECN, STP (Straight Through Processing) or STP+ECN (Electronic Communication Network). No Dealing Desk brokers do NOT pass your orders through a Dealing Desk. They will not interfere into your trading as they simply link two parties together: you and market. Usually these brokers charge a commission or have some variable spread that may be increased at favorable moments.

True ECN brokers allow you to interact with the orders of other participants through electronic communication network. You trade against each other by offering their best bid and ask prices, and those participants can be banks, retail traders or even other brokers. It is a real trading world with all risks. Because of the nature ECN, it is very difficult to make money by manipulating with your orders or by adding some extras to spread, so they usually earn by having their COMMISSION.

Some brokers seem to be ECN brokers, but in reality, they use a Straight Through Processing system. Such brokers usually have many liquidity providers with different bid/ask, so they forward your orders to their providers and that’s those providers who truly have access to the market. It is also the reason of variable spreads with such brokers. They depend on 3rd party spread and if the spreads of providers widen, they also need to widen it. Though, sometimes such brokers may offer fixed spreads (the majority still do the variable), it is not a strict rule.

Which type of broker to select? A dealing desk or ECN broker? ANY.
Yes, they are different and offer different approaches to trading, but there is no wrong choice, unless that’s a cheaty broker. It’s up to whether you’d have small spreads but pay a commission per trade or have wider spreads and no commissions. Usually, day traders and scalpers prefer the tighter spreads because it is easier to take small profits. Meanwhile, wider spreads tend to be insignificant to longer term swing or position traders.

And while you need just a demo to learn basic of trading, any broker is good as long as you do not deposit your money. When you get ready to move to live trading you will do a serious research that will include:
If a broker accept residents of your country and do they have local representatives? Is a broker regulated and certified? Do they allow automated trading and what are their spreads, commissions and withdrawal conditions? Plus, you will need to learn what a leverage is, what leverage to choose for micro account trading and so on. By that time you will be able to cover all these question by yourself.

It is simple. When you selected a broker, search for a free MT4 trading terminal (desktop version) at their website. Download it. MT4 application will be installed automatically and create its shortcut at your desktop after launching. Open a new demo account and start learning! You can easily find lots of extra tools for this terminal, guides and even join forums to discuss your experience or get help with your trading. Plus, you may contact our support team at any time.


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